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Difference between car purifier and ionizer

What’s the difference between a car purifier and ionizer? Many people use air purifier at home and in the office yet never think of getting one for their car. This is because very few people ever consider what the air quality is like in their cars.   But this is something you should take seriously. […]

Where should Your Childcare Centre be Located at

In a previous article, we discussed several factors that parents should consider when looking for a childcare. This time we’re digging deeper into the location factor. So if you are looking to set up a childcare you don’t want to miss out on this information. In many cases, it is important for parents to have the […]

How to upgrade your passenger’s experience?

HOW TO UPGRADE YOUR UBER As an Uber driver there are many things you can do to improve your customers’ experience, but not only that, some of these recommendations will also have a tremendously positive effect for yourself, especially if you spend several hours per week in the car. Uber drivers take note Let us […]

Hidden places in Malaysia for a short road trip

Malaysia is definitely the best place for a short getaway trip for Singaporeans. Many of us often go for good food, shopping or simply to take a break. Most Singaporeans tend to go to the popular places where it could get really crowded. What are some hidden places for road trips in Malaysia that we […]

Switching to a diesel car

Current situation Seven years ago, there were less than 150 diesel cars on the road in Singapore. Diesel cars were perceived to be slow, noisy and unclean. Today there are more than 10,000 diesel cars on the road which is mainly due to advancement in technology of diesel cars. Should you consider a diesel car […]

5 accessories you need in your car

5 accessories you need in your car Unless you are buying a luxurious high end car, you would most likely be not satisfied with the accessories given in the car. Here are the top 5 accessories that we should all have in our cars so that our journey on the road remains fun and safe. […]