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Does Fragrance Equal to Clean Air

If I asked what does a clean room look like? Most people would say it “smells good”. However, when you think for a moment, a clean room doesn’t necessarily have a smell at all! If it’s clean, it’s supposed not to have any dirt, bad odour or any potentially unhealthy substance. Clean doesn not mean […]

How Does the Haze Affect You in Singapore?

The biggest hazard of the haze that we see year after year here in Singapore is the fine particulate matter (PM) suspended in the air. Particulate matter, especially those referred to as PM2.5 can easily be inhaled into our lungs and can go deep into the respiratory system. This refers to particles that are smaller […]

Things to Note When Travelling to Polluted Cities

Whether you are excited about planning your next trip abroad with your family or you are just preparing for a business trip, there are certain facts you need to consider when you travel to a polluting country. It turns out that nowadays, there are other types of indicators that you need to consider when you […]

Preparation for opening a childcare centre

Opening a child-care business is a great idea if you enjoy working with children and have the entrepreneurial spirit. To set it up right, here is a list of tasks that you must do to ensure you start on the right foot. According to the Early Childhood Development Agency, a child care centre is defined as […]

Nasal Allergies. How to treat them?

Allergy Some people have nasal allergies due to exposure to allergens including dust mites, animals, cockroaches and some moulds. Allergy is due to a misdirected immune system. Upon inhaling allergens, the immune system will make an abnormal response which will trigger symptoms like stuffy nose, itchy eyes and throat, ear itching and popping, and cough. […]