How long to run your air purifier?

Once you’ve purchased an air purifier the next step is learning how to use it correctly. And the question that’s most often asked is, “How long should you run your air purifier on to get the maximum benefits?” A common belief is that the purifier only needs to be left on for one to two hours a […]

Best tips for cleaning up your new house before moving in

Very few home owners will clean their house before moving out. (After all why should they?) And because no one wants to unpack their things in a filthy house you’ll probably end up cleaning before moving in.   But cleaning your new house will also make the move easier, faster and more pleasant.   Not […]

Removing that fresh paint smell

Everyone loves freshly painted walls. The only downside is having to deal with the smell of drying paint. That fresh paint smell is caused by evaporating solvents in the paint. These solvents are known as VOC’s (Which stands for volatile organic compounds) and include chemicals such as ethanol, benzene and formaldehyde.   These chemicals are […]

Does clean air ease asthma symptoms

Millions of people all around the world suffer from asthma. This condition is caused when the tubes that deliver air to your lungs become inflamed, and you’re prevented from breathing properly. And if you’ve lived through an attack, you’ll know how terrifying this can be. There are a number of factors which can trigger an […]

How does a car purifier work?

Very few people ever think about the air quality inside of their car. But what you have to realize is that if you’re driving on the highway, you’re literally surrounded by air pollution (Which can slowly filter into your car and make you sick over time.) And if you’re someone who suffers from asthma or […]

Difference between car purifier and ionizer

What’s the difference between a car purifier and ionizer? Many people use air purifier at home and in the office yet never think of getting one for their car. This is because very few people ever consider what the air quality is like in their cars.   But this is something you should take seriously. […]