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Things to Note When Travelling to Polluted Cities

Whether you are excited about planning your next trip abroad with your family or you are just preparing for a business trip, there are certain facts you need to consider when you travel to a polluting country. It turns out that nowadays, there are other types of indicators that you need to consider when you […]

Global Warming – How it affects you?

We all hear about global warming in our daily lives. It’s a topic that gains relevance as people become more aware of it through different sources of information and also by seeing first-hand how dramatically the climate has changed in many places. We want to share key information to help you understand how global warming […]

Illnesses Kids Are More Susceptible to

Children are far more vulnerable to diseases than adults. One reason for this is that they haven´t been exposed to many germs, so they haven´t built immunity against them. Something which adults have already developed. Also, their central nervous, reproductive, digestive, and immune systems are still in development stage, so they are more vulnerable. Today […]

Factors to Consider when Introducing an Infant Care

Since you are reading this article you should be in a situation where you must make a decision about who’s going to look after your infant. Some first options for many parents include leaving the baby at her grandparents, hiring a helper, or send her to a nanny or infant care centre. For many parents, […]

Where should Your Childcare Centre be Located at

In a previous article, we discussed several factors that parents should consider when looking for a childcare. This time we’re digging deeper into the location factor. So if you are looking to set up a childcare you don’t want to miss out on this information. In many cases, it is important for parents to have the […]

Preparation for opening a childcare centre

Opening a child-care business is a great idea if you enjoy working with children and have the entrepreneurial spirit. To set it up right, here is a list of tasks that you must do to ensure you start on the right foot. According to the Early Childhood Development Agency, a child care centre is defined as […]