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Maintaining indoor air quality at home

Most people think, “Air pollution” refers to the smog and haze outdoors. They couldn’t be more wrong. And studies by environmental protection agencies have found that indoor air can often be MORE polluted.   This pollution comes from two sources. The first is, “Off gassing.” This is the process whereby harmful gases (Known as volatile organic […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid For Your Air Conditioning System

We all like to think of ourselves as responsible homeowners, but even with vigilant maintenance, it can sometimes be very easy to make mistakes that could have expensive ramifications for your AC. Going Bigger Than You Need: Bigger is always better, right? Not when it comes to air conditioners. An oversized unit is going to […]

Benefits of using air purifier

There are many benefits of using an air purifier. You see, the air you breathe plays a huge role in your health and happiness. And if you live in an area with high pollution (And have to breathe bad air) you’re going to feel sick, tired and unhappy.   But don’t think that just because […]

Why should you clean your air purifier

Servicing your air purifier is vitally important. And the most important task you have when servicing is cleaning the filter.   You see, your air purifier works by trapping particles in its filters. And eventually these filters become blocked up with debris, dirt and particles. When this happens the purifier can no longer clean the […]

How long to run your air purifier?

Once you’ve purchased an air purifier the next step is learning how to use it correctly. And the question that’s most often asked is, “How long should you run your air purifier on to get the maximum benefits?” A common belief is that the purifier only needs to be left on for one to two hours a […]