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Essentials of moving to a new house

Essentials of moving to a new house Always pack beforehand Moving into a new house can be exciting yet tiring at the same time. A lot of packing is needed and it’s definitely not going to work if you start packing the day before the shift. Therefore, always start packing weeks before the shift and […]

Air purifiers, Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

What are Air Purifiers, Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers? When asked about the differences between air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, many people would have absolutely no idea and simply recognise them as ‘improving air quality’ products. However, the functions are very different and here’s what they are. Air Purifiers Air purifiers are designed to improve indoor air […]

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) SBS is a collection of symptoms (syndrome) that a building’s occupants claim to experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but where no specific illness or cause can be identified. SBS has been a rising phenomenon in Singapore and we are […]

Drying Laundry Indoors

Drying Laundry Indoors Is Bad for Health Drying Laundry Indoors could be causing health problems, particularly to those prone to asthma, hay fever and other allergies per researchers. Explanation The process of drying will release water into the air known as moisture. With most homes in Singapore well-insulated for air-conditioning, there may be insufficient ventilation […]

Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease (HFMD)

Hand Foot Mouth Disease HFMD is a viral infection caused by a group of viruses. Typically begins with a fever and feeling generally unwell. Then after a day or two, flat discoloured spots or bumps surface and may blister, on the hands, feet, and mouth, usually. HFMD is contagious and can transmit to another person […]

Reasons for bad indoor air quality

Smoking Second-hand cigarette smoke is probably the single most important aspect of indoor air pollution. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals. Research shows that secondhand smoke increases a child’s risk of developing ear and respiratory infections, asthma, cancer, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Smoking pollutes air and threaten our human health and is considered as a major global health […]

Nasal Allergies. How to treat them?

Allergy Some people have nasal allergies due to exposure to allergens including dust mites, animals, cockroaches and some moulds. Allergy is due to a misdirected immune system. Upon inhaling allergens, the immune system will make an abnormal response which will trigger symptoms like stuffy nose, itchy eyes and throat, ear itching and popping, and cough. […]