Difference between car purifier and ionizer

What’s the difference between a car purifier and ionizer?

Many people use air purifier at home and in the office yet never think of getting one for their car.

This is because very few people ever consider what the air quality is like in their cars.


But this is something you should take seriously.

What you need to realize is that highways and roads have elevated levels of air pollution, and what’s outside your car is in it as well. Not only that, there are chemicals, hydrocarbons and particulates which come from the car itself.

Right now, your car could be filled with smog, invisible carbon monoxide from exhaust fumes, plus particulates like dust, mould, pollen and bacteria.


If you commute in traffic every day this can have a serious effect on your health.

Yes you can roll down your windows but it won’t help much.

And while most cars do come with built in air filters, these are not strong enough to filter out finer particulates and gases, and will not protect your health.


So what type of car purifier should you get?

The most commonly used are ionizers and HEPA filters and each uses a different method to filter the air


But what you should know is that ionizers don’t actually filter particulates out of the air.

Instead, they emit positively charged ions, which are molecules that have a positive or negative charge rather than a normal neutral charge. When these ions interact with particles they become ionized and drop out of the air.

And while ionizers do work well, they don’t actually filter the air, plus you’ll have to vacuum the particulates out of your car.


The type of air purifier you want is called a HEPA filter.  

This stands for high efficiency particulate car purifier. These filters are rated to capture 99% of harmful particulates and are recommend by Doctors and also used in medical facilities.

Bottom line, the air quality inside your car is something you should take seriously.

Sitting in a polluted car during your commute can affect your performance at work. And if you spend lots of time in traffic or drive with children and pets, you should definitely consider getting a filter,

That being said, choose wisely, because many on the market are no better than gadgets.

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