Ways to clean your car effectively

It’s important to clean your car effectively.

You see, spotting a used car which has been neglected is easy, which is why you must look after your car.

Doing this will also prolong it’s life and when the time comes, make it easier to sell (Plus the job gets easier every time you do it.)


And while you can take your car to the wash, eventually this adds up.

Besides, washing your car is a fun and relaxing experience, and will give you a sense of pride.


And with these tips it’s easier than ever to clean your car effectively.

  • After washing your car the ground will be wet, and you could bring mud into your car, so always start with the interior first.
  • Before cleaning the exterior, spray the car with a hose to loosen dirt (This will make it easier to wash your car.)
  • Always use car wash products. Household cleaning products are far too strong, and contain chemicals which can strip your car’s protective wax.
  • Use a soft sponge that is non-abrasive and a cloth to get at the tough spots.
  • Also, don’t use the same sponge or cloth to wash the body as the wheels and tires, as this can transfer dirt to the body.
  • When cleaning, use the two bucket system. Get an extra bucket of water and use it to wash dirt off the sponge. This keeps the sponge clean and prevents dirt from transferring back to the car.
  • Once the car is clean it’s important to dry it off. Doing this will make your car look shiny and new, and will also prevent streaks and water marks.
  • Before drying, make sure ALL dirt has been removed. If there is dirt it could get caught up in the chamois and leave scratches on the surface.
  • You also have the option of using polish or wax. Polish protects your car from dirt and debris and also removes imperfections in the paintwork.
  • Don’t apply the polish in circles, because this can create swirl marks on the car. Instead apply the polish or wax in the lengthwise motion with a dry, clean cloth and work across the car, one panel at a time.

The most effective way to keep your car clean is to just wash it regularly. This will also keep your car looking good and can make it easier to sell. And with the tips in this article it’s as easy as ABC.