Staying awake at work without coffee

If you struggle to get through the day without caffeine don’t worry.

You’re not alone, most office workers need coffee to stay awake, but drinking too much can be a problem. Coffee contains sugar and caffeine, which can cause cavities and keep you awake at night.

And in this article you’re going to learn 10 ways to stay awake at work without coffee, coke or mountain dew.

This way you can give up your caffeine habit, sleep better and improve your health.


  1. Listen to music.


Listening to uplifting music can help to wake you up. Choose instrumental music like classical or ambient (Which doesn’t have words to distract you.)


  1. Drink more water.


Caffeine provides a temporary spike and then you crash. Drink water instead. This helps to keep you hydrated and increases oxygen levels, which boosts your energy.


  1. Stretch.


Sitting at a desk all day can make you stiff and exhausted. To prevent this take frequent stretching breaks.


  1. Avoid junk food.


Eating food like pizza, chips and chocolates can make you sleepy, especially if you eat them for lunch. Instead, choose healthy foods like fruit, raw nuts or vegetables.


  1. Talk to co-workers.


Sitting alone in front of a computer for hours which can sap your energy and leave you exhausted. Try to take breaks every so often to talk to your co-workers.


  1. Go for a walk.


A 20 minute walk can boost your energy levels and decrease fatigue. A great time to walk is right after lunch. And you can increase the benefits of walking by including your co-workers.


  1. Rest your eyes.

Starting at your computer screen for too long can cause eye strain, headaches and fatigue. Try to take a break every 20 minutes to relax and exercise your eyes.


  1. Get more light.

Your body is regulated by the amount of light you receive. The more you get the more alert you’ll be. Don’t work in the dark, open the shades and turn on the lights.


  1. Improve your posture.


According to studies. Posture affects energy levels. People who sit up straight report feeling more energetic and excited. And if you’re feeling tired it could be because you’re slouching.


  1. Eat gum.


Chewing gum can help to keep you alert. This is because chewing stimulates facial muscles and helps increase blood flow to your head.

Saying awake at work can be hard if you are bored, exhausted or sleep deprived.

The above tips can keep you awake and alert. Next time you’re feeling sleepy, try them out, and see if they work than coffee or Red Bull.