Best Office Environment to work in

Office environment plays a huge role in how employees feel about their work. Working in a pleasant environment makes them happier, healthier and more productive.

Plus, they feel good about coming into work and are more motivated.

Office environment is determined by many factors 

including relationships with other employees, the design of your office and communication with superiors.

Here are some ways to improve your office environment.


  1. Communicate better.

Open communication makes employees feel motivated and valued. Transparent communication also breaks down barriers in your organisation and improves day to day interactions.

Take time to give employees feedback, and ask for their opinions and ideas.


  1. Maintain work life balance.


Employees must maintain a sense of work life balance. This improves job satisfaction and motivation and improves creativity.

Don’t reward workaholics and adopt a firm stance on this.


  1. Recognize hard work.


Rewards encourage hard work and motivate staff.

And rewards don’t have to just be money. You can also use verbal recognition and perks.

(Often a simple thank you can be enough to make employees feel valued by the organization.)

Ultimately recognition makes staff more enthusiastic, increases motivation, builds trust and improves your bottom line.


  1. Build team spirit.

Employees need to feel as if they are part of a team, and are working towards something greater than themselves. You can build team spirit by organizing team building activities and celebrating occasions like birthdays.


  1. Keep your office organized.

Your office should be tidy and organized. Messiness can sap productivity and motivation, plus disorganization also causes stress and anxiety.


  1. Make your office comfortable.


The comfort of your office affects employee satisfaction.

Make sure to invest in good furniture, quality lighting, proper ventilation and also pay attention to your office layout.

You want to create a comfortable atmosphere so that employees love coming into work.


  1. Get rid of toxic employees.


Toxic people create a toxic work environment. Even one person can bring the entire office down, and if you have bad employees you need to let them go. Retain people who are professional and able to get along with each other.


Everything in your office affects the overall environment.

From the layout to your break room, co-worker relations and company culture. All of these have a huge impact on your team performance and happiness.

And if your employees are physically, mentally or emotionally uncomfortable, they are unlikely to be successful or satisfied with their jobs.