How indoor air quality affect work productivity

A recent study done at Harvard has found that poor indoor air quality can lower productivity by as much as 50%.

The scientists who conducted this study say that smog, haze and other pollutants have a neurological effect on your body, and affect your ability to perform and make decisions.

Not only that your body is also affected by the air inside the office.

Issues like inadequate ventilation, high levels of carbon dioxide and indoor pollutants can all harm your ability to think.

What’s more these pollutants usually get trapped inside your building (Sick Building Syndrome).


And according to the EPA the air inside your office can actually be two to five times more polluted than on the outside.


One of the reasons is because of the growing number of chemicals emitted by computer hardware, construction materials, furniture and cleaning products.

In addition to this, printers and copiers can leak dangerous compounds, particles and ozone.

Plus items such as floor and wall coverings, paint and furniture contain formaldehyde and can also give off dangerous fumes.

All of this is compounded by the fact that people spend about 90% of their time indoors.


In another study two groups of people were placed in different rooms. One room was well ventilated and the other was filled with “Sick air.”

Both groups were given cognitive tests and the people group in the room with clean air were able to score twice as high.


Bottom line, poor air quality costs businesses millions in lost productivity and ultimately lowers the comfort, attention span and productivity of your workers.


In fact, poor air quality is estimated to cost $15 billion annually due to worker inefficiency and sick leave.

Very few companies pay attention to this and understand how it impacts the productivity of their workforce.


But you can boost workplace performance by up to 10%, just by improving the quality of your air.


Start by using as few printers and copiers as possible.

Also try to keep the thermostat down. Changing the temperature too often can exacerbate the situation and can also cause condensation and encourage mould to grow.

In some cases, it can also affect the indoor air quality by increasing chemical emissions and odours.

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