Places for affordable lunch in the CBD

Lunch time gives you the opportunity to get out of the office, stretch your legs and explore the cities restaurants and cafes. And the advantage of working in the CBD is that you’re surrounded by dozens of great places to eat.

But your lunch hour is precious and you need to choose wisely. So we’ve taken the time to find the best (And most affordable) places to eat in the CBD.

There’s something for everyone here. From sandwiches and sushi to salads, burgers, fried chicken, coffee and cake.



Photo: Kraftwichsg

This sandwich joint makes some of the best light meals and serves up a wide range of sandwiches. Not only that, their bread is baked in house and made from nutritional grains like wheat, soya, sunflower and flax.

Kraftwich is also easy on your wallet and most meals won’t set you back more than $10.


Aloha Poke.

 Photo: Aloha Poke

Hawaii may be thousands of miles away but you can get a taste of the islands at Aloha Poke. Founded by two Singaporeans who discovered Hawaiian food while on holiday there, specials include traditional raw fish salad and other health Hawaiian cuisine.


Aussie Roll.  

Photo: Aussie Roll

This is where you go for quick and easy sushi in the city centre. Aussie roll is also known for their sushi rolls. Pick from dozens of fillings and add miso soup for a nutritious and filling lunch.


Triple O’s.

 Photo: Triple O’s

Triple O’s makes some of the tastiest burgers in town. The Triple O’s special is an enormous, dripping with sauce delight that you’re going to love. Plus they also serve alcohol, making it perfect for Friday lunch time.


Drury Lane.

Photo: Drury Lane

This cosy coffee shop serDrury Laneves coffee, cakes and light meals. They’re known for their signature breakfast of eggs, beef sausages, mushrooms, honey cured bacon, baked beans and toast. Plus other favourites include eggs benedict and baked beans.


Kko Kko Nara.

 Photo: Kko Kko Nara

Voted one of the best Korean restaurants in town. They specialize in mouth-watering crispy fried chicken (Plus their lunch menu is also one of the most affordable.)


The rabbit hole salad and juice bar.


Photo: The rabbit hole salad & juice

If you’re watching your waist line then eat at the Rabbit Hole.

You have the option of creating your own salad or choosing from options like the classic chicken Caesar or big vegan bowl filled with cherry tomatoes, French beans, tofu and dragon fruit.

Lunch is a great opportunity to get out of the office and unwind for a while.

It might be cheaper to pack your own meals, you don’t want to do it every day. These affordable restaurants gives you an excuse to eat out and sample some of Singapore’s beat restaurants.


Google the names above and visit them today.