Top 10 coolest desk accessories for the office

Quirky – Cordie Cable Management

The Quirky Cordie is very useful to keep all your cables and cords in one place. In offices, we often have the problem of having many cables that end up entangled and all over the place. This accessory can save you from crawling under your desk to find that missing printer cable.


Carl – Bungu Ryodo Pencil Sharpener

This is a pencil sharpener with style created with Japanese mastery. A little black box of beauty that can add elegance to your desk. If you are the creative type that likes to express your ideas scribbling and sketching on papers, this is definitely the best friend for your pencil.


L’ATELIER d’exercises – Endless Notes

This one presents us a rather authentic way to never run out of notes. A problem I always have with notes is that I find them either too small or too large. If you belong to the environmentally conscious type, you’ll agree with me that sometimes notes are too large and there is a lot of wasted paper when you only need to write a few words on it.

These endless notes let you decide the size of your note, so you never waste again.


Drinklip Cup Holder

Are you a coffee lover but never find space to put your cup in your already cluttered desk?

This cup holder is a pretty nice way to keep your coffee on your desk… without worrying about it spilling and frying your laptop.


USB Tulip Hub 

Would you like to add some flowers to your desk? Well, these ones won’t fill the space with fresh fragrance but at least will add some color if you feel that something more alive is missing in your workspace.


DIY Zen gardens

Take an afternoon to have a DIY Zen garden workshop for your employees. Lots of bloggers have easy instructions for personalized Zen gardens like this one.


A posture monitor

This is a device called Lumo Lift and is a real saver for your back. It’s very simple and elegant, and you can put it on your shirt. It has a sensor that gently vibrates when you begin to slouch in your chair.

It comes with an app that tracks your posture and shows other metrics to help you improve over time. Check their video:


A desktop party pack

For those who like to make coworkers or employees feel special, this is the perfect kit to have. Keep it in your drawer and never be caught without the ingredients for an impromptu office party again.


Expanding Office Bin

How cool is this! An office bin that enlarges and contracts depending on the amount of junk you put in it. This means you’ll always have space for an extra bottle before the next time the cleaning service comes to empty it.


A palm-sized portable speaker

A tiny portable speaker to take with you to the office and everywhere. Set the mood in your breaks and meetings with the perfect music.


Want more for your office?

Don’t miss out this powerful air purifier (Link) if you want to keep your office environment healthy, clean from pollutants and avoid the Sick Office Syndrome.