How to Prevent Office Illnesses

Are you a small business owner? Or do you work in a small office?

If you want to know how can you prevent many of the most common illnesses that can affect you and your coworkers, and save time and money spent in health care, then keep reading.


Wash your hands

Every day we are in contact with bacteria virtually everywhere we go, and the office is not the exception. They often get into our bodies when we touch our eyes, nose or mouth. By washing your hands regularly, you can prevent many of the illnesses caused by them.


Keep the kitchen clean

Contamination with food is a real risk in a community place like your office’s small kitchen area, where everyone comes with their food and traces of it are spread over the place.

You must ensure a high hygiene standard in the kitchen to avoid anyone getting sick from what they eat.


The hand sanitizer is your friend

See the hand sanitizer as a quick option to keep your hands germ-free. We know that for most people it can be tedious to go and wash hands regularly in the bathroom, but if you keep one or a couple of hand sanitizers around the office, you can be sure people will use it and thus reduce the risk of germ-related illnesses.


Wipe your keyboard

Most of us are not aware that the keyboard can easily be the dirtiest place in the office. We are in contact with it all the time but never suspect what kind of dangers lay on it.

With your fingertips, you constantly spread germs to and from your keyboard, you may have touched food, saliva, dirt and many people’s hands, and all of it is coming directly onto your keyboard every time you press a key.


Raise awareness

To raise awareness among employees you can start by sharing this post with everyone. The next thing you can do is to posts signs with prevention tips. Do this to educate people about healthy habits to prevent illnesses.

Be mindful of the indoor air quality

Indoor air can sometimes become very polluted due to a variety of factors (Do you need an air purifier in your small office). Even if everything looks clean, chances are there is a source of air pollution that is affecting you and your co-workers.

This situation must be considered seriously because the consequences of long term exposure to indoor air pollutants can be very harmful to our health.

The best way to reduce the amount of pollutants in your small office to a healthy minimum is to install an efficient air purifier. Check this one for example. It includes a HEPA filter designed to trap up to 99.97% of pollutants.

This way everyone in the office will notice they can breathe easier. And if your staff is affected by a high ratio of absenteeism related to illnesses, you will likely see a reduction just by improving the indoor air quality.