Monthly Archives: August 2017

Air pollution is costing your business money

Did you know that air pollution costs businesses billions? This is according to the EPA which claims that more than $15 billion per year is spent on health care and lost productivity due to air pollution. This claim is backed by a study recently conducted at Harvard university, which found that white collars workers in […]

How to keep your office desk clean and tidy

Whether you spend the whole day at your desk or just a few moments here and there, there’s no doubt that a messy workspace contributes to higher stress levels and lower productivity. To illustrate this point, this research done by Reliable Plant shows that the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for paper, which increases […]

Do you need an air purifier in your small office?

Since we spend a significant amount of the day in our offices, we always want to keep it in the best condition for our employees and co-workers. Business owners should pay attention to the physical conditions of their office because if it’s not wholesome, it might lead to health problems for employees. In addition to […]