What to do when children draw on walls

Many of us parents have had the experience of coming back home just to find out that our child has painted on the walls. While it can be frustrating, it’s good to understand that they are only trying to express their creativity.

For younger children, aged between 3 and 4, this is a situation to take into account. At that stage of physical development, it’s easier for them to draw with their hands out in front of them rather than underneath, like drawing on a desk.

For children in that age range, that’s a more comfortable position that allows better hand-eye coordination.


What can you do about it?

First, do not restrict their creativity. You should give them an alternative that works for you. It would be great to give them a flipchart or to tape big sheets of paper on the walls on which they can draw.

You can also encourage them to draw lying down because it’s an easier position for them than leaning over a table.

But you should teach them that you want to have your walls clean, so if they have already painted on them, it’s a good idea to make them help you clean up the mess.

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Display your kid’s artwork at home

What about instead of struggling against your child painting on the walls you reserve a spot of your house to display their artwork? And you could even set it up in a way that you can replace old works with the new creations.

I like the idea shared by Jean Van’t Hul in her blog. It consists of setting up a display wall made of thrifted frames with the glass and backing removed.

It is practical and looks beautiful. Thanks to this setting you can easily remove old artworks and paste the new ones. This is useful because over time children will improve their skills and change their style, so you can always have your display wall updated with the “newest trends”