What do your children need in their rooms?

Are you considering redecorating your child’s room? That’s a common idea among parents, especially as the little ones grow up and it becomes evident that they need a room that suits their age.

This situation offers a big opportunity, not only to modify a few things here and there but also to go through the basics that a child’s room should have.

Today we’re going to review some of the elements that are necessary for their comfort.


The Study Zone

A study zone is essential for children during their school years. It is important that they have in their room a dedicated space where they can focus on their tasks. You should angle the desk away from toys to avoid distractions.

Also, make sure that this spot has plenty of light. This way children will stay awake and focused. You can place the chair and desk near a window to get natural light and install a good lamp so the space is always bright.


The Play Zone

Just as important as the area for studying is the area for playing and having fun. The perfect play zone is a combination of storage space and open space. A good idea is getting a long, low bookcase where children can reach all the toys without climbing, and its top surface can also be used for creative play.

To help define the play area you can put a rug, which also makes the floor more comfortable to play on.



Next on are the furnishings, this accounts for a more in-depth redecoration, especially when the children grow and you need to find a bigger bed that fits its size. This would be also a good time to invest in a bigger wardrobe.



Since you are getting a new bed you will also need new bedding. This is a good opportunity to involve your child in the process and ask them what kind of theme they would like to have. Let their personality reveal as they choose between princesses, astronauts, animals or whatever they enjoy the most.


The Theme

There’s no need to limit the creativity to the bedding. You can also extend the theme to all or part of the room by adding cool curtains, a cute border, or even some accessories like a cushion, a rug or a lightshade.


Good air quality

An additional improvement that benefits children’s health is installing an air purifier. Since children spend a lot of time in their rooms, it is important to think about the wholesomeness of the space. Indoor air sometimes can get very polluted without you noticing, and an air purifier can remove all those unhealthy particles present in the air.


Special things

In this final section, we want to include some special objects that can really make a difference in your child’s room. These are things that can add a little magic to their space and make the room a place for comfort, discovery, play and memory making.

  • Something that glows: a night light or twinkle lights can bring much comfort and warmth to your child’s room.
  • Something that tells time: a clock will help them to start understanding a following a routine.
  • Something to read: books can really feed children’s imagination and keep them quiet for a while.
  • Something to take pride in: any handcraft, certificate or achievement will support their self-confidence.
  • Something they chose: as they grow up, try letting them choose some items for their own room. Although in the earlier years they will need adult guidance, it’s a treat they will really enjoy.