Top 5 Indoor Activities for Kids in Singapore

Indoor activities for kids can take many forms in Singapore, and today we want to help you discover new exciting places for your little one to have fun.

  1. Playgrounds

In this section, we feature some of the most unique playgrounds that you can find in Singapore.

Busy Tables

This place is dedicated exclusively to younger kids under 5 years old. Here children can learn through play and exploration. They are presented with various interactive tables set up all over the place.

The benefits of table top play are extensive, ranging from social and emotional development to early mathematical exposure to fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination development.


The City

The City aims to create realistic situations in which children can learn and have fun while role playing through different real-life activities. It is designed for two to eight-year-olds and provides stimulus for fostering children’s emerging senses and skills in their early formative years.



This one is themed around rainforest and dinosaurs, and is a good choice for kids’ parties. It is designed so children and families can play and dine together within their 9500 sqft air conditioned facility.



It features the largest trampoline park in Singapore. Originating from Melbourne, Australia in 2012, it caters to everyone from kids aged three and above to youths. It includes three dedicated areas named the “Leap of Faith”, the popular Slam Dunk area, and the “X-Park” obstacle course.


Aquarius Cove

A new ocean-themed indoor playground that features colorful and engaging spaces including a ball pit, bouncy castles, tunnels and jungle gym. It’s a good idea to check their website in advance, especially if you’re going on the weekend, as it’s super-popular for birthday parties.



  1. Museums

ArtScience Museum

A really unique experience in which you can enter a room where flowers bloom on the walls, sit back and watch waves or stack giant blocks glowing with light.

Something to keep in mind is that on Family Fridays, for one paying adult up to four kids are allowed in.


National Museum of Singapore

This is our top pick for learning about the country we live in. Head for level 3 where you will find PLAY @ National Museum of Singapore (NMS). It features interactive exhibits and special activities for kids.

During the Children’s Season from 27 May 2017 till 30 July 2017, they have free admission daily. Favorite activities include hopping on a bumboat, trolley bus or trishaw, and traveling back in time to visit old Singapore.


Maritime Experiential Museum

An innovative, interactive and multi-sensorial museum, The Maritime Experiential Museum is the only museum in Singapore where visitors can experience Asia’s rich maritime history and discover Singapore’s past as a trading port. This trip back in time begins along the ancient Maritime Silk Route, which recreates the sights, sounds and scents of the bustling bazaars and where you can interact with the exhibits.




  1. Public Libraries

Central Public Library

Central Public Library is home to My Tree House, the World’s 1st Green Library for Kids. This library is the first in the world to be steered by green principles in all facets from design and infrastructure to collection and programming. This unique eco space facilitates environmental literacy in children. Saturday and Sunday reading sessions make this a great weekend pit stop for all.

The “Knowledge Tree” bears fruits that ripen and poses questions on environmental awareness. The questions can be answered using shadow movement. The right answers will nourish the tree and delight the forest creatures. The wrong answers will make the tree wither.


Woodlands Regional Library

A beautiful place themed around and enchanted wood. With some 8000 titles to choose from, this place boasts the largest collection of Asian children’s literature in Singapore!

Occupying four stories and part of a basement over a floor space of 11,100 square meters in the Woodlands Civic Centre, it is a one-stop information and reference centre for the northern sector of Singapore.




  1. Cat-themed places

Meomi Cat Cafe

Tucked away in Kampong Glam, this cafe is the place to unwind with some feline friends. Priced at $13 per hour and $5 for subsequent hours, children four years and above are allowed in to pet and play with a cute furry friend.


The Cat Cafe

Suited for kids six years and older, The Cat Cafe is perfect for spending a rainy day. Here you are allowed to spend all day to hang out with the felines as you per entry ($15). You can also join in feeding the cats at special times of the day.



  1. Mind games

Trapped Escape Room Singapore

Picture this, you’re kidnapped and trapped in a room with your peers, and there seems to be almost no way out. Become the master at solving puzzles, discovering hidden clues, and uncovering mysteries and succeeding to escape our well thought and creative concept rooms.

There are five themed rooms to choose from (including a Hunger Games room and an Avengers room, and each room is suitable for different ages ranging from seven and up).


Lockdown Sg

Lockdown Singapore is a reality first-person adventure game simulating online room escape games. In the game, the player is locked in a room and must explore his or her surroundings in order to escape. The escape game requires players to be observant and use critical thinking skills in order to solve the challenges and riddles, perfect for a bit of family bonding time!