Benefits of Clean Indoor Air

The quality of the air we breathe has a tremendous effect on our health. After all, we depend on it to live.

Previously, we have discussed the negative effects that polluted indoor air  has on us, and we pointed that it is one of the main causes of premature deaths in the world.

Today, however, we are going to talk about the benefits of quality indoor air. It really makes a difference, and it’s extremely important that we strive to achieve clean air in our homes and offices.

Now, let’s look at some of the most important benefits of clean indoor air.

Improve wellness

High-quality air has a direct impact on the amount of oxygen that gets to your brain. If the air is polluted you will get less oxygen, but if it is clean you will get more.

This will let you breathe better, sleep better, stay more alert, feel more refreshed, and improve your overall wellness.

Reduce allergies

There is a significant portion of the population that suffers from allergies. At home, the most common allergens are dust, mould, and dander.

By having a proper filtration system in place, the nasty particles can be removed from the air in your home. This makes an incredible difference for allergy sufferers. Especially because sometimes allergies can become chronic and lead to more complicated illnesses like respiratory infections, including bronchitis.

Recover from illnesses faster

Where do you spend your days when recovering from an illness? Well, if you’re not hospitalised, you will be at home. And if the air at home is clean it will help you recover faster.

Just imagine a situation where you are recovering from the flu or bronchitis, and the air you are breathing contains unhealthy pollutants. It will only extend the symptoms like congestion, sneezing, and itching, especially for the more vulnerable ones (children and elderly).

Better sleep

Respiratory irritation and airborne allergens affect the quality of your sleep and may lead to sleep-disordered breathing problems such as sleep apnea. With clean indoor air, you won’t have to worry about breathing problems, and you can wake up feeling refreshed and completely recharged after a good sleep.

Increase longevity – According to a study done by World Health Organisation (WHO), exposure to PM2.5, a widespread air pollutant, reduces life expectancy of the European population by about 8.6 months on average. Clean air does have a direct impact on your life expectancy. By improving indoor air quality, you can influence your overall health.

Ease Asthma

People who suffer from asthma are usually very sensitive to outdoor pollutants like smog, smoke, soot, fumes, among others. And on top of that, if the indoor air quality is not good, it may lead to chronic illnesses.

By contrast, when you have clean indoor air, it will be much easier to breathe and therefore, much easier to perform your daily activities and live comfortably.

Active Lifestyle – One of the threats of indoor air pollution is that people feel less healthy. Children endure the effect most often, inhaling low-quality air from an early age. This causes them to have headaches, tiredness, and nausea.

Clean air improves their lifestyle and promotes activeness. They feel more energetic by inhaling air that is devoid of toxic matter. This also benefits their respiratory and cardiovascular systems in the long run.


The benefits of clean indoor air are indisputable and we all should strive to achieve better air in our homes and offices. Purlife – the indoor air specialist can help to achieve clean air through their air purifying system.