6 mummy bloggers to follow in Singapore

So you want to find advice on parenthood. Here we are listing the top 6 mummy blogs that will provide you with the best information and the most entertaining stories. They are helping thousands of parents becoming better in their quest of raising a child.


Diah Mastura Roslan is the name behind Etrangle, a blog where you’ll find an overwhelming amount of pictures of her adorable three girls, because which mama doesn’t like to show off her babies!

You’ll see her reviewing beauty products, sharing about her time at Hong Kong Disneyland with her family, or how she juggles raising twins and another while maintaining an online webstore. We know you’ll love reading about her munchkins as much as she does.

She blogs about her family and life, which as she claims, basically revolves around her family. Diah was once a primary school educator who left her job after giving birth to her twins. She is also involved in the clothing business and a certified makeup artist.

Website: etrangle.net


A Happy Mum

Her name is Summer, a mum to three lovely kids. She is definitely a happy mum. Her readers love the different adventures and activities that she embarks on with the children. You can think of her as a hands-on mother, looking at all the beautiful and amazing crafts that she has engaged in with her children.

She states that her dream is to be able to take care of her kids and pursue her passion in life.

A blog filled with fun and entertaining stories. Follow Summer in her motherhood journey and, who knows, you may be inspired like many other of her readers!

Website: www.ahappymum.com


Homeschooling Sonshine

This blog is all about our learning at home. It’s not about homeschooling, but about home learning activities that this devoted mother does with her two children, who go by the monikers Sonshine and Babydoll. This blog consists of great ideas for parents who enjoy doing hands-on learning at home with their children. Young children are like sponges that absorb information and knowledge faster than adults do. After reading her posts, you might be inspired to embark on something fun and meaningful!

Website: homeschoolingsonshine.blogspot.sg


Bumblebee Mum

It’s hard to stay sane and figure your way around as a SAHM in Singapore – especially if you’re breastfeeding your little one(s)! Here you’ll find a one-of-a-kind guide to nursing rooms, indoor playgrounds and other interesting stuff to keep that boredom and insanity at bay.

Join Bumble bee mum on her adventures with the kids on this Singapore Parenting + Travel Blog!

Website: bumblebeemum.wordpress.com


Life is in the small things

More affectionately known as Mummybean, V is a proud mummy of two – Naomi and Noey. Her readers love her blog because Mummybean loves feeding her children with educational trips to the museums, theaters and parks. We guess that explains why both Naomi and Noey are inquisitive and adventurous kids!

There was one blog entry, titled Three, that was especially moving. It was the blog entry for Naomi’s 3rd birthday. The messages were straight forward – talking about the processes of Naomi’s life and how much joy she has brought to her parents thus far. These are simple sentences. And when formed together, they become powerful paragraphs that depict the story of a devoted and loving mother.

Website: www.lifeisinthesmallthings.com



She is a pink-haired, super-successful Singaporean blogger that has 40,000+ readers, on top of 170,000+ subscribers on her Youtube channel, and her biggest fan is her 2-year-old son Dash.

With such a huge audience, Xiaxue does not disappoint with her bubbly, honest and fiery posts, telling you just how she sees it. You will definitely enjoy this one!

Website: xiaxue.blogspot.hk

Do you have a favorite mummy blogger that was not included in this list? Feel free to mention it in the comments below.