Consider Infant care or a Nanny

In this useful guide, we want to help you in the process of deciding who should take care of your child when you go to work. Whether you are parents with full-time jobs or even if you work part-time or with flexible hours, you might still need someone else to take care of your child when you are not around.

Most parents choose between finding a nanny or sending their baby to an infant care centre. And to help you make the best choice you should be aware of the main differences between the two.

In general terms, there are a number of advantages that infant care centres in Singapore can offer:

Atmosphere of the centre

An infant care program allows children to socialize with other children, which is very beneficial for their early development. With a nanny, on the other hand, this social factor cannot be present.

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Learning and education

In an infant care centre, children can learn valuable skills. A day care centre works in a wider way and it has several teachers, equipment, different types of learning activities to foster the unique personality and independence of your kid. Nannies are trained for child care only so they cannot offer that kind of activities.

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Cost of infant care

While the cost of enrolling your baby in an infant care centre is not low, it is often cheaper than hiring a nanny for the same amount of time. And since these centres usually have an educational component, your baby will actually get more benefits.


Now, talking specifically about nannies, they are usually older women who are very experienced looking after kids and can help you out with tasks other than simply minding the baby, such as cooking and cleaning. Always define the scope of her duties before hiring in order to avoid misunderstanding.

In Singapore, there are a number of qualifications that nannies might have. They are issued by two organisations called the Association for Early Childhood Educators (ACES) and Adventlinks -SAUC Education Centre.

Most older nannies won’t have these but they make up for it with the vast experience they have with kids.