Where should Your Childcare Centre be Located at

In a previous article, we discussed several factors that parents should consider when looking for a childcare. This time we’re digging deeper into the location factor. So if you are looking to set up a childcare you don’t want to miss out on this information.

In many cases, it is important for parents to have the daycare near their work or home. If you are wondering which location is most suitable/profitable for setting up a childcare centre, you should know that, generally, there is a greater demand for childcare centres in and around newer housing estates that have young families.

The Early Childhood Development Agency – ECDA, does not recommend a particular location for setting up your business. Instead, you should conduct your own demand assessment of the area of your interest.

House or building

If your home is located in a promising area with lots of young families or near important working areas, you might as well consider operating a daycare in your home, provided you have enough space for the number of children you want to watch.

Given you don’t have enough space in your home then you should look for a separate building. Look for a place that has a large outdoor space for children to play in. If what you have in mind is a large day-care near young families or working places, you’ll also probably want a building with separate rooms to divide children by age.

Childcare centre extras

In case you will be driving the children around you’ll also want a van with extra car seats to accommodate the children inside. There are also other extras for the car that you will need for driving with children. We strongly recommend you read the article Things you need for driving with a kid for more insightful information.

Childcare centres near workplaces

As of 2015, there were 320 childcare centres at workplaces, which include those in commercial or government buildings, or industrial estates. This is a rise of nearly 50 percent from that in 2012 according to a report by The Straits Times.

This increase in child care services comes in part due to the fact that more women are entering the workforce.

It also follows an enhancement of the Workplace Child Care Centre Scheme in 2013, that allows building owners or employers to apply for grants that cover up to half the cost of converting their premises into a childcare centre for employees. Only government-owned buildings were eligible previously.