Preparation for opening a childcare centre

Opening a child-care business is a great idea if you enjoy working with children and have the entrepreneurial spirit. To set it up right, here is a list of tasks that you must do to ensure you start on the right foot.

According to the Early Childhood Development Agency, a child care centre is defined as “any premises at which 5 or more children who are under the age of 7 years are habitually received for the purposes of care and supervision during part of the day or for longer periods.” See ECDA childcare guidelines.

What do you need to open a child care?

Contact ECDA

The first step in setting up your childcare is to contact ECDA. They’ll tell you what requirements you need to meet. You can ask them what kind of licenses you need to obtain and how to obtain them. Also, ask how to comply with building codes.

Find a location

You know that there are zoning restrictions in each city that are intended to define what kinds of commercial activities are allowed in different areas. The next important step is to contact URA and verify that your intended location complies with these laws. Make sure your premise is properly zoned for childcare.

Prepare your facility for inspection

You will likely have to obtain a series of inspections to demonstrate that your facility complies with local health and safety regulations. These may include a fire-safety inspection, a health inspection, an environmental health inspection.
Some basic things you need to consider to be prepared include installing cabinet locks and smoke detectors.

Another aspect you don’t want to leave behind is considering the air quality. You want to ensure the best possible environment for children, so it is crucial to consider any health risks they might be exposed to, namely, air pollutants. On a previous article, we discussed the factor of air quality. Also think about what parents want to see when they visit the facility for the first time. It is critical to be able to demonstrate that you have the best possible environment including clean air, safety measures and child-proofed.


In the first step of this guide, you contacted ECDA and they should have mentioned any child care centre regulations and licenses that you need to be able to run your business. Gathering the necessary documentation can be time-consuming, so be sure to plan. This process involves the following tasks:

  • Filling out a licensing application
    • Paying a licensing fee
    • Taking classes focused on first-aid.
    • Undergoing a medical test for you and any prospective employees

Purchase equipment

Depending on the type of child care business that you want to operate you will need to obtain different kinds of materials. Toddlers and infants have different needs and interests that you need to consider when purchasing the necessary equipment. You will need to acquire some of the following items:

  • Children’s books
    • Toys and games
    • Child-sized furniture
    • Arts and crafts materials (crayons, paper, etc.)

These are some of the things that you need to operate but, as mentioned earlier, you also want to consider the environment in which the children, you and your staff will spend several hours a day.

Aspects like the following contribute to keeping children safe, healthy and comfortable while in your childcare centre:

  • adequate lighting
    • the enclosure of any electric hazard
    • proper waste disposal and
    • an air purifier system

This guide should prove most helpful in your endeavour. Be sure to follow all the mentioned steps and share your success in the comments below.