11 Great Books That Toddlers Love

We’ve made a list of the best books recommended for toddlers. Spend some time with them reading this great selection.

1. Goodnight Moon

By Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd

Here is a bedtime book which illustrates a young rabbit’s goodnight wishes. He bids good night to every object he sees. It is full of details on what can be seen inside the rabbit’s room. There seems to be endless litany of goodnight wishes until the drawings fade away and a yawn appears at the end of the page. We know toddlers love it and chances are parents will enjoy it too.

2. Hairy Maclary From Donalson’s Dairy

By Lynley Dodd

Lynley Dodd’s scruffy black mutt Hairy Maclary doesn’t get up to much most of the time – except chewing bones, chasing things and hanging out with his friends. Yet this first, simple rhymer, which introduced small children to Hairy’s array of doggy pals is a rhythmic delight. Dodd’s illustrative style is gentle and the narrative uses the richest language.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By Eric Carle

This is an excellent book for you to read to your toddler. It is a fascinating story of a newly hatched caterpillar which puts holes on food that he eats from Monday to Sunday. After one week of eating, he spins a cocoon and is transformed to a beautiful butterfly after two weeks.

4. Dear Zoo

By Rod Campbell

In Dear Zoo, a narrator asks the zoo to send him a pet. However, the zoo keeps sending animals which are completely inappropriate – a monkey who is too naughty, a camel who is too grumpy – and each one has to be sent back. As the story progresses, children love the different shaped flaps which represent animal crates or a snake’s basket, until finally the zoo gets it right and send our narrator the perfect pet – a loveable puppy!

5. Too Big for Diapers

By Random House

If you want a book that will introduce toilet training to your child, then this book is for your little one. It is a story of Baby Ernie who is already too big for diapers and who learns to use the potty for the first time. It conveys that infants wear diapers but they use the potty when they have grown up. It’s not just informative but is also entertaining for toddlers.

6. Baby Einstein: Babies

By Julie Aigner-Clark

This is a good board book to expose your child to different images of babies. Its pages are thick which can be easily turned by your little child on his or her own. The images which are photographs, drawings and fine art include basic information about each of them. It’s one book your little child would love.

7. Peace At Last

By Jill Murphy

In Peace At Last Mr. and Mrs. Bear and Baby Bear are going to bed, but Mr. Bear can’t sleep because Mrs. Bear snores. He tries to get to sleep in Baby Bear’s room and every other room in the house, even the car, but each place is too noisy. Eventually, he notices that all is quiet and he gets back into his own bed to enjoy peace at last… Murphy’s soft illustrations and the comedy found in the domestic scene make this an appealing bedtime read.

8. The Cat In The Hat

By Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote the vibrant Cat In The Hat as a primer to help children with the 225 words that were vital to ‘new reader’ vocabulary. The cheeky Cat arrives and causes mayhem with his suggested rainy day games in the home of two young children, while their mother is out. Dr. Seuss’ poetic pace heaps excitement upon chaos in a story that’s fun as well as educational.

9. How I Became a Pirate

By Melinda Long, illustrated by David Shannon

How about an ocean voyage where no one eats vegetables and bedtimes are for babies? With these lovable pirates, life is grand — at first. Jeremy Jacob’s raucous ocean tour is sure to mesmerize even the best-behaved children.

10. The Napping House

By Audrey Wood and Don Wood

We love how this story builds, making tots wonder and anticipate what will happen in the end.

11. Fast Food

By Saxton Freymann

Freymann has a gift for transforming recognizable fruits and veggies into adorable animals and objects.