Factors to consider when choosing a childcare centre

We know that choosing a childcare school or daycare centre for your child might be a difficult decision to make. There are several factors to take into account and we want to share with you some expert advice that we’ve gathered in this list.
You know how crucial your child’s early years are, but you don’t need to be worried about making the wrong decision if you are empowered by the right information and you are able to identify the signs of a good daycare.

Choose the best location

Start by identifying an area where you want the child care centre to be located. Whether it is near your home or near your workplace, make sure it’s easily accessible and convenient for you and your spouse. It is more convenient if you don’t have to spend too long driving to get there.

Reputation & licenses of the centre

You want the best possible service for your child or infant, so it is also very important to inspect the reputation of the daycare centers you are considering. You can do so by asking other parents as this will give you first-hand information. Another great idea is to conduct a basic background check in Google. It will help you find out any centres that have negative reviews.
Additionally, try to visit personally each school that you are interested in. A wise thing to do is to ask the administrator if they have a license issued by a goverment agency. It’s also a good idea to ask them how many children are they licensed for the centre.

How do they communicate with you?

It is critical to maintain an open communication with your child’s carer. It is important that you understand how are they going to communicate with you about your child. There are numerous ways such as email or a portal or even through apps. Face-to-face contact is definitely prefereed.

Centre policies

Another relevant aspect is to understand the credentials and policies that they have. Ask the administrator the following questions:
• What discipline philosophy do they have?
• What is the minimum qualification of the teachers?
• Are the teachers certified?
• What are the procedures to handle an emergency?

Childcare centre environment

When you visit the centre observe the environment carefully and ask yourself whether that looks like a place you want your child spending most parts of their early, formative days in. More specifically, some factors you should consider are: What type of food is served to the children? Are there outdoor play spaces? What is the quality of the air surrounding the building? Do they have sufficient indoor air purifiers? You don’t want your child exposed to excessive indoor pollutants during the formative years.


And finally, find out the daycare centre approach to safety. Are the rooms child-proofed? Are hazardous materials kept out of the reach of children? Do the play areas represent any palpable risk to the children? Government agencies would perform periodic inspections but it is definitely safer to see it yourself.
This list of considerations comes in very handy when choosing a child care school or centre, so keep it close to ensure you find your child the right one.