Things to Listen While Driving

Are you the kind of person who likes to listen to some form of entertainment on the way when you are driving? In this post, we’re trying to identify which of those forms should be avoided and which are recommended to keep your attention where it should be: on the road.

Avoid Distractions

Why is it important to avoid distractions while driving? First, let’s make sure we understand that with something requiring as much attention as driving, any distraction can be a dangerous one. And currently, in-vehicle distractions are a major contributor to accidents on the road. Using a mobile phone, listening to loud music or a radio show, are all factors that slow our reaction to hazards. On the other hand, driving for a long time can be downright boring and that is a mental state that can often contribute to becoming disconnected from the task. It is essential to be alert when driving for long distances and it can be as easy as playing some good music.

Time wasted in traffic

In addition to long distance driving, another reason to want to have some kind of entertainment is the amount of time that is spent on traffic. According to information by the mapping service provider TomTom, Singaporeans spend up to 87 hours or 3.6 days stuck in traffic a year. That’s a lot of time spent in one of the most boring as well as unhealthy environments that you can be in.
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List of things to listen to in the car


Podcasts are a good option since they do no require intervention from the listener once it has started playing. Keep in mind that setting up the podcast should be done before you start your ride. If you do it whilst driving you are giving space for a momentary lapse in concentration that can be enough to be the cause of an accident.
The most podcasts ask in terms of concentration is to listen and pay attention to the content. There are tons of them out there and you can easily find one that you like.


Listening to loud music affects your reaction time and it is the worst way to listen to music when you are driving. Reaction time was slowed by 0.12 seconds according to a study. Although it doesn’t seem significant, it really makes a difference when a person is involved in a fatal crash.
The best musical choice you can make is the relaxing type as it has shown to improve the driver behaviour and safety as opposed to upbeat music which has shown to increase drastically the driver deficiencies. This was reported in a study conducted with young novice drivers.


Handling the radio set requires a lot of attention and thus distract us from the road. The best suggestion here is to dial your preferred radio station before you step out and not during your ride. Many of us like to listen to traffic reports on the radio, but however useful they may be for your journey, avoid doing it after you start. Radio is the most distracting device from this list so you better handle it with care.
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