How to upgrade your passenger’s experience?


As an Uber driver there are many things you can do to improve your customers’ experience, but not only that, some of these recommendations will also have a tremendously positive effect for yourself, especially if you spend several hours per week in the car.

Uber drivers take note

Let us start with some useful tips for Uber drivers:

1. Something to share
You care about your passengers’ experience and that’s why you want to make them feel comfortable while riding with you. We all love small details, so why not carrying some snacks and water to offer to some of your riders, they’ll surely appreciate it and be more likely to give you a 5-star rating. Remember that the more you please your passenger, the better the experience you also will have as a driver.

2. Music choice
Have a varied selection of music at your disposal because some passengers will want to hear some music they love. Think about what are the different types of passengers that you usually serve and what kind of musical taste they might have.

3. Little extra services
What about carrying a power cable to recharge their phones. It’s something small but very useful that can earn you some additional appreciation. Also, help your passenger in things like opening the boot for them and help them handle their luggage.

4. A clean ride
Besides keeping your car neat and tidy there’s something else you can do to provide your passengers with an enjoyable experience and a healthy environment. Yes, there’s something you can do for their health (although the main beneficiary will be yourself since you are the one who spends several hours inside the car). I’m talking about acquiring an efficient air purifier for your car. It can protect you and your customers from all the toxic gasses and pollutants present in the environment of most urban areas. The air you breathe inside the car comes from outside through the fan or open windows. Follow this link to learn more about how to clean the air in your car. One of the main conclusions discussed there is that the air pollution present in your car is the same as in the exterior and in some cases even worse. So don’t overlook this important point.

5. Minimize the driving
Grab a book or something you can use to occupy your time between fares. You don’t want to just drive around because it increases your costs. Also whenever possible try not to do the waiting in the middle of an area with heavy traffic because you will be breathing all the toxic gasses from other cars whether your fan is on or you choose to recirculate the same air inside the car. If you see that the business is in the more crowded areas then make sure to follow the recommendations from tip #4.

We’ve covered only a few topics but very useful that will definitely make a difference for you as an Uber driver and will take the passengers’ experience to another level of comfort and good service.
What would you add to the list? Let other readers know by leaving your comments below.