Car air purifier v air freshener

Do You Need A Car Purifier Or Car Air Freshener?

Often, car air freshner is the first thing that comes to people’s mind to get rid of odours in the car, giving a perception that the air in the car is clean. Is the air clean just because the car smells great? A car purifier is able to clean the air better. The question still remains, should we use a car purifier or car air freshner or both. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve, we will try to help to decipher the code.

To have a fragrant car smell

Car purifiers would not emit any fragrance as it’s main function is to clean the air. Air fresheners would give your car a nice scent. Make sure that the air freshener is non-toxic so that you do not breathe in toxic chemicals, which could cause indoor air pollution and be harmful to you.

To get rid of odours

The new car smell, cigarette smell or even smell from pets can be hard to remove. Car purifiers with a carbon filter can get rid of odours and clean up the air by filtering air pollutants. Air fresheners would be able to mask smells temporarily with its fragrance. A car purifier would help to clean the air in the car.

To improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the average level of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) were 21% higher inside the vehicle with windows shut than on the roads? To improve the indoor air quality of the car, use a car purifier to clean the air. Car purifiers comes with a filter to trap air pollutants in the car while air fresheners do not. In fact, some air fresheners even contain and release Formaldehyde, an air pollutant itself.

How can Purlife help?

Purlife driveclear 50 is a car purifier that filters and trap air pollutants. It also removes pet and cigarette smoke smell. This helps to maintain good indoor air quality in your car. To find out more about indoor air quality, do call us at 6702 0306 today.