Why do you need a car purifier?

Most of us would have heard about air purifiers, did you know that there are air purifiers specifically for the car. Here are some reasons why we need one:

Indoor Air Quality in Cars

Did you know that Singaporeans spend an average of 9 hours a week in their cars? Some motorists even spend more time on the road than indoors. Most people assume that with closed windows and air conditioner switched on, the air in the car is clean. However, studies have shown that the nitric oxide concentration in taxis can be 11 times higher than city background. All the same pollutants you find outside can be found in your car as well, in addition to chemicals and particulates that come from the car itself.

Diesel Cars Produces PM Pollutants

Diesel cars are gaining popularity in Singapore due to lower diesel prices and the car being more fuel efficient. It also produces lower carbon monoxide which is more environmentally friendly. The flip side is it emits more particulate matter (PM) pollutants which can travel into your car. Particulate matters like PM2.5 and PM10 are particles of any substances that are less than 2.5 or 10 micrometres diameter. They make up a large proportion of dust that can be drawn deep into the lungs and has a direct impact on premature mortality due to air quality.

What Are Car Purifiers?

So what exactly are car purifiers? Car purifiers are a smaller version of home air purifiers running on 12 volts. They purify the air in the car by using filters which absorb and trap air pollutants, allowing only clean air to circulate in the car.

How Can Purlife Help?

Purlife driveclear 50 is a car purifier with 3M HEPA filter which removes 90% of PM2.5 particles. It detects and display the surrounding air quality, ensuring that the air in the car remains clean at all time. This allow you to enjoy good indoor air quality even on the road.