3 steps to maintain your car

How to maintain your car in top condition?

After spending a large sum on your car, you would definitely want it to be in top condition for as long as possible. Keeping your car in its top performance helps you to save money on fuel and repairs. Here are some tips on how to maintain your car in top performance.

Follow your maintenance servicing schedule

It is important to always follow the maintenance schedule tightly. Even the most basic services, such as oil change for example, are designed to keep your vehicle performing at its peak. Skipping these services can lead to early ageing of expensive components, which leads to a fall in your car’s performance.

Observe Your Drive

Turn off the radio once in a while and listen for any odd noises, both at idle and while driving. For instance, if you hear a scraping or grinding noise while applying the brakes, it could mean that the brake pads are so low that the metals are already in contact with each other.

Keep your car clean and comfortable

Wash your car to get rid of debris and other substances. Keep your car clean makes it more comfortable and presentable. This would motivate you to keep maintaining the car and allow your car to last longer at its top performance. This also lead to more enjoyable car rides.

How can Purlife help?

Singaporeans spend substantially more time on the road as compared to the American drivers, 9 hours a week as compared to 5 hours. This also means we are more exposed to pollutions on the road. Purlife recommends driveclear 50 which filters out air pollutants and ensures clean air in your car. It will help to boost your energy before you start work and guarantees a more enjoyable ride.