Things you need for driving with a kid

Things you need for driving with a kid

We are often very excited to bring our children out for a ride. However, they might not adapt to car rides as quickly as we do. To ensure that the car ride is enjoyable for everyone, here are some things you would need when driving a kid.

Child Seat

In Singapore, the Singapore Police Force and Traffic Police has mandated that anyone below the height of 1.35m will be required to be secured with a child restraint appropriate for a person of that height and weight, use a booster seat to supplement the seat belt or an adjustable seat belt. Those with a height of 1.35m and above, irrespective of their age, will be required to wear a seat belt. Always ensure that your child has a suitable car seat that is properly installed before driving off. Although most restless children would dislike the childseat, it is important to enforce it.


Keep your children entertained during the car ride would definitely make your life easier. Bringing along some toys or letting them watch their favourite cartoon can be your saving grace. This distracts the children from getting bored and helps them to enjoy car rides.

Car Purifier

The roads can be dusty and the air can be high in particulate matter, you would want to protect your children from the dust and germs. Using a car purifier ensures that there is good indoor air quality in the car at all times and your child breathe clean air. This keeps you and your children away from air pollutants, decreasing the probability of falling ill due to bad indoor air quality.

How can Purlife Help?

Purlife driveclear 50 is a car purifier with 3M HEPA filter with pollutant removal rate of up to 99.97% which will greatly improve the indoor air quality. It also gives you a peace of mind with its child-friendly design.