3 reasons why you need an air purifier in Singapore

Shifting into a new place

Moving into a new home can be exciting, it comes with stress and tiredness as well. Some people fall sick and attribute it to the new pillow, bed and simply not used to the new environment. However, it may be due to the air. An air pollutant, Formaldehyde is used in glues for furniture, flooring and cabinets. Long term exposure in an environment with high Formaldehyde could lead to watery eyes, burning sensations of the eyes, nose, and throat, coughing, wheezing, nausea, skin irritation.

To remove Formaldehyde from your new house, you can open the windows to ensure good air ventilation. A more efficient way would be to use an air purifier which will remove the Formaldehyde and improve air ventilation.

Pregnant ladies and babies and children

Health of a pregnant lady has a direct impact on the new-born. Clean air is vital to the health of the mum-to-be. Babies and young children also tends to be more vulnerable to air pollution. Bacteria, viruses, mould and pet dander are present in the air; therefore, it is recommended to get an air purifier to remove the pollutants. It will help to reduce the occurrence of babies and children falling sick and less allergy issue for them.

Elderlies at home

The top killer for those aged 70 and above is pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection in one or both lungs. It is caused by fungi, bacteria, or viruses. Pneumonia causes inflammation in your lung’s air sacs, or alveoli. Anyone with diabetes, asthma, and other severe or chronic health problems is at risk for pneumonia. All of us carry bacteria in throats and noses. Frail elders often can’t clean secretions from their lungs due to weaker immune systems. It simply follows that as the body gets physically weaker, so does all the other systems at work in the body. With the loss of physical vigour, hormone levels drop, healing takes longer, and the immune system will struggle with bacteria that it once dispatched with ease.

Providing an elderly with cleaner air can help them to be less exposed to viruses and bacteria which will make their live better.

Live Pure.