Do we all need an air purifier

Singapore Air Quality

Like many other major cities, air emissions from the industries and motor vehicles are the two key sources of air pollution domestically.

Not to forget the huge blown haze from our neighbours which created many of our air pollution in Singapore.

You could be in a polluted area

As above is for the island’s overall air quality, that does not necessarily mean we are in the safe zone. Think about the constructions around you, burning of incense or papers especially during the hungry ghost festival, even those big buses and lorries which emit that black smoke we see frequently are harmful to all of us.

No immediate effect does not mean no effect

We get it, you are healthy, strong and have a very good immune system. But we want to emphasise on the people around you. Your elder folks at home might not be as strong as you, your baby boy or girl does not have that immune system of yours. Last but not least, stressing on no immediate effect does not mean no long term effect. When was the last time you actually went for a full body check-up?

Air Purifier could eliminate effects

Some health effects may show up only either years after exposure has occurred or only after long or repeated periods of exposure. We do not want to go on with the namely diseases and would like to thus, emphasise on the usage of an air purifier.

Live Pure