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Are you smoking in the car or know someone who does that

In our previous article, we explained in general how an air-conditioner actually works. To refresh your memory an air-condition mainly moves heat from inside to the outside. In short, it practically circulate the air repeatedly in the inside. So if you smoke or know someone who smokes in the car, you are practically breathing the circulated air a.k.a second-hand smoked air.

Smoking in a car

We all know the odour left by cigarette smoke is tough to wash out of clothing with a washing machine and non-smokers will probably agree that smoking stinks. Washing with excessive cleaning agent will probably removes the odour from your clothing after a nights out but that is because you can easily undress and toss it in the washer.

Car interiors are trapping the smoke

Car interiors can’t be easily removed and washed means the smell may be stuck there despite efforts on masking them with an overpowering air freshener.

If you own a car for a considerable number of years eventually the interior is going to discolour, whites turn a horrible yellow colour and can be very costly to get fully cleaned which will normally need a professional car valet service in order to remove the discolouring and the odour.

The Air-Conditioner(AC) of Car

Like any other air-conditioner, the car AC has a filter and uses similar technology mentioned in previous article. That mean to say smoking in the car is trapping your nicotine, tar etc. in your car’s AC filter. And the AC practically circulate the same air plus removing the heat inside to the outside.

For all car who still has that stench of nicotine despite a full cleaning of interior, it could actually be due to the AC filter which has trapped the previous smoking pollutants.

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